Shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy in your practice for orthopedics and trauma surgery

I utilize shock wave therapy in my practice for orthopedics and accident surgery in order to alleviate numerous disease patterns as well as for pain relief. In the course of this therapy, short ultrasonic stimuli with very high energy activate different growth factors and ancestral cells and that way support the cellular regeneration. As a matter of fact, the shock wave therapy takes an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the healing process, supports the decomposition of scar tissue and accelerates the healing of bone fractures.

The following disease patterns are successfully alleviated with shock wave therapy already today:

  • calcaneal spur
  • achillodynien
  • tennis elbow
  • scale shoulder
  • jumper´s knee
  • bursitis trochanterica
  • slowly healing bone fractures
  • fatigue fractures
  • early stages of avascular bone necrosis
  • early stages of osteochondritis dissecans

Beyond the above mentioned, the following diseases can also be expected to respond well to a shock wave therapy:

  • wound healing disruptions
  • burns
  • connective tissue disease, dimpled skin, wrinkle treatment in the field of aesthetics

Depending on the individual disease pattern, we need between 3 to 7 therapy sessions that are held at intervals of one week each. Shock wave therapies don´t cause any side effects and are normally paid by the private health insurance.

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