Private Practise Dr. Rusznak

orthopedics - trauma surgery - shock wave therapy - acupuncture - sports medicine

I have many years of experience in both operational and conservative orthopedics and trauma surgery - gained in practices as well as several hospitals.

Throughout the years of my medical career I had to realize that the possibilities of conservative therapies are not fully exhausted in many cases. This was the reason for me to settle down and open my own practice, in order to alleviate the discomfort of my patients by means of a conservative therapy approach and to rehabilitate their physical capacities after affections of the musculoskeletal system. I always follow the aim to retard a possibly required surgery intervention as long as possible.

Due to the fact that I am an active sportswoman and karate coach and thanks to my additional qualifications in the field of sports medicine, mentoring athletes is another focus of my work. In this area I am often able to improve the performance of my protégés and to prevent injuries by elaborating individual training schedules and optimizing their diet.

If you decide to see me in my pratice for orthopedics and sports medicine, you can expect an extensive and intimate consultation without time pressure. Based on a detailed examination, we jointly develop a therapy that is specific to you.

In case you are not able to see me in person or only want to obtain a second opinion regarding existing diagnostic findings, you have the option to book your appointment as a video meet.

Do you have questions that are not answered on my website? - Please always feel free to leave me an email.


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