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Personal appointment and consultation for private patients in Hamburg

When you see me in my office, a history is taken to learn about your health problem. All information on your chief complaints, but also on other disease, medical treatment, former surgical operations allergies and else is required.

Following a detailed physical examination this may be complemented by a sonographic investigation.

If special x-ray diagnosing, computer tomography (CT), magnet resonance tomography (MRT) or other investigations are required, we will arrange an appointment with a radiologist at short notice.

As soon as the investigation results are available, they will be discussed with you, and the clinical picture as well as the diagnosis will be explained in detail. We will then consider and inform you about the options for conservative and surgical treatment. It is important for you to know that we generally prefer the smaller and less invasive measures, rather than the more offensive therapeutic strategies of surgical orthopaedics.

If in spite of all conservative efforts, an operation is indicated, we will be happy to discuss with you the surgical course, the risks and the prospects of success. We will also help you in the choice of an experienced orthopaedic surgeon and may arrange an appointment in a suitable hospital, if you wish.

We offer you our service during the postoperative course. A control of the treatment, advice on rehabilitation measures and further consultation after any surgical operation is beyond question for us.

Service fees are due to the German payment regulations for medical doctors (GOÄ). Payment is based on an individual contract with the patient. If you have private health insurance, costs usually are fully covered by the insurance company. Other patients have to be charged personally. For those self-payers, I will like to provide a cost estimate prior to treatment. Please let me know.

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