Personal Consultation

Consultation on site in your practice for orthopedics and accident surgery

Your personal visit in my practice for orthopedics and accident surgery start with an extensive anamnesis that helps me understand your current health problems. For this I need information regarding your disease history - Which surgeries have already been conducted? Do you suffer from allergies? What is your current medication?

Subsequent to this first conversation we conduct a detailed physical examination - supplemented by an ultrasonic testing, if necessary. In case that additional examinations (such as X-ray, MRT or CT) are necessary for a final diagnosis, these can be carried out in partner practices of mine on short notice.

As soon as all necessary examinations have taken place, we go through your disease pattern in detail and consider different therapies. In doing so, I always favor small, non-invasive measurements in order to avoid surgeries.

If the case appears that an operation gets necessary against all efforts, I will stay by your side, share extensive information about the process, risks and prospects of success. If needed, I also convey an appointment in a convenient hospital. After the surgery intervention I accompany all necessary remedial measurements.

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