Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery

Conservative therapy in orthopedics and trauma surgery

My long-standing experiences have taught me, that a physical examination conducted by a competent orthopedist - supported by ultrasonic testing, if necessary - can make expensive and radially irksome radiographies needless. And even when it comes to treating specific disease patterns, the conservative approach is often able to replace the usual measures.

The advantages of a conservative therapy in the field of trauma surgery - usually through a shock wave therapy - are most notably an immediate pain decrease, the abdication of a resting position or splint and not rarely the prevention of surgical procedures. When it comes to orthopedics, the conservative approach, too, first of all exhaustes the gentle, non-surgery treatment options. Besides shock wave therapy, e.g. acupuncture or injections with Hyaluron are applied in order to quickly alleviate pain and to support the muscle formation as well as the recovery of damaged joints in the long run.

The following disease patterns can be alleviated with very good success applying conservative therapies:

  • arthrosis
  • suddenly ocurring pain in the shoulder, e.g. because of calcification or the Supraspinatus-sinew-inflammation-syndrom
  • pain in the knees, e.g. after sporting activities
  • tennis elbow, e.g. after a long period of working at a PC
  • pain in the hamstrings
  • calcaneal spurs

Beyond these disease patterns, even huge effusions, slowly healing wounds or joint swelling as result of an injury respond excellently to a shock wave therapy.

The following conservative treatments are part of my portfolio: 

  • shock wave therapy
  • acupuncture
  • chirotherapy and osteopathy
  • kinesiotaping
  • injections with Hyaluron
  • injections with local anesthetics, e.g. Cortisone

I normally recommend to supplement all these treatments with a physical therapy like remedial gymnastics or vibration training. The aim is always to strengthen the musculoskeletal system in a neutral way instead of taking remedies.


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