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Video consultation in your practice for orthopedics and trauma surgery

Some time ago I started offering a video consultation for those patients who are not able to see me in person or only want to obtain a second opinion regarding existing diagnostic findings. Similar to a consultation in person, we initially go through you current diseases as well as therapies, treatments or surgeries that have already been conducted and drugs that you currently take. If you already have radiographs, pictures of a CT or MRT examination or disgnostic findings available, you can provide me with those documents digitally.

Subsequent to an analysis of all existing information, we jointly decide whether a physical inspection - and with that a visit in my practice - is required.

In which cases can we utilize a video consultation instead of a personal visit in my practice?

  • in order to discuss the progress of a current treatment
  • in case of unexpected problems (e.g. with the medication) that need to be clarified on short notice
  • in order to obtain a second opinion regarding existing diagnostic findings
  • for nutrition or training counselings
  • for a control of success of a medical treatment or therapies that have been conducted in my practice

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