Morbus Dupuytren

Dupuytren-therapy in your practice for orthopedics and trauma surgery

In my practice for orthopedics and trauma surgery I also treat the so-called Morbus Dupuytren. This disease is a painful affection of the connective tissue on the inner area of the hands.

What are typical indicators for Morbus Dupuytren?

  • swelling of the skin in the inner area of the hand
  • well perceptable strand under the skin in the palm of the hands
  • increasing disability to stretch the fingers

How do I treat Morbus Dupuytren?

A very promising treatment that leaves the skin in good shape, is the so-called "Nadelfasziotomie". Under local anesthesia I divide the adhesions using a hollow needle. After the day surgery I put a short splint on the hand that needs to be worn only 3-4 days.
The success rate of this treatment was observed to be around 70% in a 5-year-study, while complications are rather rare.

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