Acupuncture & Pain Therapy

Today being an alternative and supplement to the western school medicine, acupuncture takes a firm place in the treatment of various discomfort. It originally derives from the traditional Chinese remedial draught developed over centuries. A strictly scientific explanation of the provable effect of this complicated therapeutic procedure is lacking.

By means of acupuncture of certain body regions, certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects can be achieved to alleviate discomfort of the musculoskeletal system. We regard and utilize acupuncture as a reasonable supplement to the traditional therapeutic efforts of contemporary western medicine.

We apply acupuncture to stimulate natural chemicals in the body called endorphins that block pain signals and support the natural healing process oft he body.

Using the conservative methods of systemic and interventional pain therapy, we provide medication plans, and perform so-called trigger-point infiltrations and nerve blocks. Also we use ultrasonic shock wave therapy and other modern procedures to treat various pain syndromes.

Kinesiotaping is an approved non-invasive method of pain relief which is based on the mechanical irritation of the skin receptors. It is successful in many cases and, besides, poor in side effect.

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